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Stark Wave Creative. Marketing. Media. Design. Grow your brand with a combination of marketing strategy, promotional tactics, and creative visual design.

Develop and expand your company brand while creating strategic marketing and promotional plans to increase business growth in key markets. Specializations include: brand identity, design & execution of strategic marketing campaigns, social media marketing, event promotion, visual design, art direction, and client/sponsor relations. Our primary focus is in the motorsport, hospitality, and non-profit sectors, but we’re open to new expanding our horizons and taking on new challenges.

Business Services

Detail-oriented business services to make your company present and perform better.

We have the tools you need to meet and exceed your goals.

Get your business recognized by building an identity for your brand. Develop consistency across all platforms to convey a professional brand to current and potential clients.

Take the guessing game out of marketing with diligent research and analysis on your industry. Maintain relationships with your publics through social media, promoted events, and multimedia marketing campaigns.

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Getting Your Business Recognized

Brand Identity, Marketing, Public Relations, Targeted SEO, Website…

How It Works

Whether building your company from the ground up, or looking for a fresh reboot for your brand, we follow a simple process that can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • Research

    We do the legwork to learn about your industry.

  • Plan

    We brainstorm ideas for a plan to fit your goals.

  • Develop

    We create and design the collateral needed.

  • Execute

    We compile all the materials and launch your tailored campaign.

Krystle Carrara is a creative marketing and communication professional with six years of experience in the motorsport industry. She graduated from University of Miami with a B.S. in Communication and an M.A. in International Administration. Her graduate studies took her abroad to Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, where she lived and worked for five years after completing her degree.

Working in the motorsport industry has allowed her to experience racing around the globe, from the 24H Lemans to IndyCar Series and Formula E. She has extensive connections throughout the industry, from drivers and teams to track owners, series promoters, and media outlets.

When not at a racetrack, you can find her wandering around modern art museums, exploring new travel destinations, and snapping photos of interesting places and people.

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